Between a tribute and a pretext


  • Ángela Rojas Facultad de Arquitectura, Universidad Tecnológica de La Habana
  • Valerie Magar ICCROM

Palabras clave:

urban heritage, integrity, authenticity, urban shape


A series of ideas from several publications by Françoise Choay will be grouped together in this paper. These may be sacrilegiously discussed and transferred to this world, only twenty years into the future; although it is an insignificant period of time, unfortunately it is long enough, in many cases, for conservation to have turned into a management of change. The thematic sequence starts from the approach regarding the city as heritage and the relatively recent concept of the search for resilience, focusing on the specificity of the value of the urban form. The discussion of this topic implies taking into consideration the integrity and authenticity of the attributes of the urban form and, therefore, of the relationship of the new with the old, with reference to shape and expression. Finally, it is worth reviewing a universal but very intense problem related to the specificities of authenticity in Latin America: pastiche and kitsch. 


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